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Good Girls Love Bad Boys
The Chronicles Of L.D.Crusher
I spent all day at Ace Frehley's fan site... and then about three hours making userpics... Well, here's what I've got:

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.
7. 8. 9.
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I haven't been reading my english journal for a long time... that's because of my exams. I entered my university because I wanted to study english... and some exotic language, for example Japanese, but instead of that I'm studying French now.
Yesterday I had my French examination. I arrived there first, about 8 o'clock in the morning, although the exam itself started only at nine, and spent about an hour sittin' near the window... My ipod is broken, so I had to listen to the music which was on my mobile phone.
The exam itself wasn't difficult, at least I find it quite easy. We had a text to translate and to read aloud, then we had to had to tell about places of interest in Paris, and in the end - a conversation with our tutors. They asked me about weather (we have a very-very-very HOT winter now, the temperature is about 0 C, sometimes about -1C or so, but usual temperature is something about -15 C), and then about sports, politics and where I'm going to spent my winter holydays... After that they told me that my answer was fine and put me a five, which is the best mark in Russian schools and universities...

Huh... Thought I had something more to say...
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I guess I'm the only person on planet Earth who can make the TV-control break down. In fact, everything that i use breaks - sometimes in two or three days of usage, and with no visible reasons.
This week my iPod died. I hope it will burn in hell...
I also noticed that I'm becoming... "fast-food addicted"? Yes, that's the right word. Fortunately, we have no mcDonalds in our block, and that saves me...
I went to a book shop, spent there about two hours just staring at books, as I had no money to buy one. I felt myself really lonely. A book lover who was no money for books. A student that doesn't want to study.
The calendar says that it's already winter, but it still haven't snowed yet
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It was cold in the morning, my head was aching, and I had no intention to go to the university today. Just got tired of it.
Anywhere, I went there.
There are some things in our university that I don't like. I hate them. The thing is not about the university itself, I guess, but about the people.
They say that muscovites don't like people from other russian towns or cities who come to Moscow to live or work here. That's true, but! we don't like them, because THEY don't like US.
A lot of people in Russia hate Moscow and muscovites. And I must say that I don't care about them. But if you don't like this city, please sit in your own shit and don't come here.
There's a guy in our group who came to Moscow. Before that he studied in a university in his town for a year. He has a job and earns some money, and maybe that's why he treats us like we are stupid children.
Phhh... that really annoys me. He has already told me that he hates Moscow, he hates the metro, he hates the place where he lives... blah-blah-blah... Now he hates our university, because it's dumb, and our tutors don't understand how clever he is, and he hasn't learned anything new, and the textbooks are boring. I really wonder: if he likes nothing, why the hell did he came here?
Today he told me he's gonna leave our university.
I wish he did. I won't about him. And no one will, I guess.

Current Mood: annoyed annoyed
Current Music: Nine Inch Nails - All The Love In The World

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Is there anybody out there?
I'm still not sure that I do really need this journal, but, it's never too late to stop (at least, I'd really like to think so).
Anyway, let's begin.

My name is Paula, I'm seventeen and I'm studying at Moscow State Linguistic University - or simply MSLU. I'm a glam-rock lover, although I might sometimes look like a usual girl that wears glasses and reads a lot of dumb fantasy books.
I am myself... well, kind of a writer, or, to speak honestly, a real paper-killer, who spends a lot of time writing, re-writing and re-re-writing stories, and dreams to write a novel someday.
What else should i say?
I really don't know


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